Protect Roof and Use Gutter Guards

Most of us have not really thought of checking our roofs and gutters until we experience water leaks inside the house. It is more difficult when we have to fix our roof during a bad weather. Avoid all this hassle and start protecting your roof. We’ll learn easy DIY hacks on how to protect roof and the advantages of using mr gutter protection.

Make an annual roof inspection. No matter how we feel confident about our roof’s construction and the materials used, there’s still a need for us to inspect it. Prevention is always the best way to protect our roof. Do it at least once a year or before winter, or days before a severe weather strikes and check it again afterwards. Use a sturdy ladder to take a closer look or use a binocular to carefully scan through your roof. Ensure all roof tiles are secure and there are no signs of anything being displaced. Check if there are also cracked roof tiles and broken mortar around the chimney. Build up moss or algae on the roof or the gutter systems commonly do not impose any issues however it just maybe the beginning of a problem. Use gutter guards to avoid algae or moss from even building up along the gutter system.

Visit the Attic. Another way on how you can protect your roof is paying a visit to the attic. These places aren’t oftentimes checked and very much neglected. No matter how you protect your roof from the outside of the house, the attic can be the culprit as well. Conduct regular inspection of the attic to gain understanding of your house’s ventilation. Low level attics can mean there’s poor ventilation and can lead up to overheating. Overheating can eventually damage your roof and can even cause higher electric bills. Check for molds or mildew which can be signs of a leaking roof or poor ventilation. If you think your attic has poor ventilation, get alternative options by hiring a contractor. An exhaust vent to lessen the heat or adding windows are some of the options to keep the attic well ventilated.


Keep your roof clean. This is the most basic thing on how you can protect your roof. Keeping it clean helps prevent future roofing issues. Always schedule a day in a month for roof cleaning ensuring that there are no objects, branches or leaves, moss or algae that can cause roof and gutter problems. Some people use pressure washer to clean their roof and gutter systems. Using this allows dirt and dust to be washed away as well.


Use gutter guards. The gutter system protects your house keeping the water away from getting inside causing more damage. Gutter guards have been used to enhance the gutter system. The benefit of using gutter guards is that you won’t find leaves or any objects blocking the downspouts. The use of gutter guards ensures that the water goes to where it should be avoiding landscape erosion or water leaks causing more damage to the house’s surroundings. Furthermore, some gutter guards designs adds better grip on the gutter system avoiding gutter sagging.


When protecting your roof, it is always better to deal with the small problem before it gets bigger and more difficult to handle. When the damage is already big, the bigger repair costs it will be. It is always recommended to consult a professional roofing contractor to check possible roofing issues or to fix it before it gets worse. If you need a loan or financial help to get your gutters upgraded then look no further than KNS Finance. The best in personal loans and business loans.